We either travel from Portland on 9/11/17 and return on 9/14/17 late afternoon. - 5 PM 11/14/17
THE OLYMPIC PENINSULA AND ITS WILD COASTAL SCENES. A TWO DAY WORKSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHY LOVERS This is a spectacular scenic photography workshop for enthusiasts. Stunning beach scenes with unbelievably beautiful driftwood. I will take you to my favorite places along this wild coast, rainforests, and so much more.
The first time I saw this place I needed to stop and look around for a long time. That is why I have made this a 3 day workshop because one needs to see it to believe the beauty that comes in so many different ways to us. Much work will be done by resting and developing our ways of looking, our imagination and objectivity. Of course, our camera know-how and practice is very important as our tool to convey to others what we have seen, felt.... Rest assured, everyone will go home with wonderful images, many of them you could add poetry with... Note: I personally like to camp in one of the most beautiful old coastal forest campings I know of in this country. But you can also do a motel in the town nearby. We will be close to ocean, fantastic driftwood, and each day new scenes and, if needed, to go back to places we saw and photographed earlier. Time to relax and be inspired and grow our creativity. Photography the fine way.
Cost: $290. ex. travel (we might like to carpool, split costs, food, lodging. To get there is a 5 hr drive each way. The actual workshop itself is 3 days.

If you would like to participate, please follow the instructions on the Registration page.
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