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PORTLAND AT (Friday) NIGHT PORTLAND AT NIGHT! LONG EXPOSURES! and LOOKING COLORS AND SHAPES, what about CAMERA SETTINGS? And .... those histograms: will they work, or not!? AND EXPERIMENTS!! YOU WILL GET PRETTY EXCITED AND love this kind of working with your camera
This is a great workshop where we learn and practice long exposures and experiment with all kinds of photography that most of us have never tried. A subject very worthwhile and full of know-how that we can use when we travel and roam around. When you are going home you will have leaned a whole new chapter of photography and a number of fine new images to play with next morning when waking up! Digital cameras need other settings during the night and we will learn to set and use them in this fun and very exciting workshop. As they way... we will have an evening of combining our left and right brains into super images!
Cost: $70

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