8 AM from our meeting place in Portland. This place will be announced when you have registered. - Around 3:30 PM
DEVIOUS IRISES 3 – and many other great flowers A CLOSE UP ART PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP. PAINTING WITH LIGHT, SHAPES, IMAGINATIONS, and... techniques to make it work.
To make photographs of Miracles that you want to hang on your walls.. is a refined job for Seeing and combining it with the capabilities of your equipment... and maybe your new lens or your camera...
This workshop takes place in a fantastic show garden which is one of the finest to try out all your new and old skills, the new things I will point out during this workshop. Not only will we work with the many iris flowers there, but you can also find all kinds of beautiful flowers of any type to work on! A real feast with lots of choice. We will mostly work on finding and then visualizing the subjects you feel drawn to - and then focus on ... focusing on the right places to maximize the depth of our images. Bring a tripod, your equipment, charged battery and enough card space to experiment and make the finest images that you can use to enhance your walls, make cards, calendars....
Cost: $90

If you would like to participate, please follow the instructions on the Registration page.
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