10 AM on each of our 8 Thursday mornings - 12:30 PM
BEGINNERS  PHOTO ENHANCING-1  Learn to use Photo Enhancing techniques, basics, problem photos, contrast, lightning&darkening, color improving and much more. You will learn how to do it without anxiety!
These 8 classes will not only famiiarize you with programs like Photoshop, Elements, or Lightroom but it will greatly improve your sense of composition, seeing color and light from a photographer's point of view. Adjusting or changing color, framing, red eyes repair, image repair, what is contrast and saturation.... and how to apply it or not.... I will help you through all of it and you will begin to love working on your images to make them look the way you had hoped they would be...
So this class is for those who want to enlarge their good photos, frame them, use as gifts, make greeting cards, display them, etc.
Experience making photos to the right size and hanging our photos in our house so you and friends can see your work!
You will learn many great ways to enhance your photos to a level you had not thought possible, including sizing them for emails, web sites, actual enlarging and printing, matting and framing. You will learn it and master it when done.
Cost: $220 for 8 weeks of Thursday morning classes

If you would like to participate, please follow the instructions on the Registration page.
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